Haji kiln operates ceramics at a region closely related to pottery form the ancient times – Haji, Keisen, Kaho District, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Our kiln opened in 1947, when my father Masaru invited two potters from Kyoto with an encouraged by my grandfather Josen, who was a flower arrangement artist.

I, the present head of the family, Shiseki returned home in 1988 after training in Seto-yaki. Time flies and it has been more than 30 years already since I started making potteries with Haji kiln.

The pottery of Haji kiln is made with traditional tools, kiln, techniques and glazes from old times. Please visit our kiln and take it in your hands and feel the soft shape, the gentle glaze, and the warm touch pottery created by the hand of potters.

Fortunately, it has been 75 years since our kiln opened. We truly appreciate everyone from bottom of our heart for your constant support. Our motto is to make “a pottery given life by using it with love”, and we will continue to make and pursue this farther on.

Haji kiln: Shiseki Yachigo

History of Shiseki Yachigo

1963   Born as the eldest son of Masaru, the first Haji kiln potter in Haji, Kahogun, Keisenmachi, Fukuoka.
1972   Studied under the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition (Nitten) Councilor, Aichi Prefecture intangible cultural property holder Shoh Kato.
1986   Won a prize at the 18th Nitten for the first time.(After that, we won a prize 19 times in the Nitten)
1988   Returned to Fukuoka and started making potteries with Haji kiln.
Received guidance such as shaping and glazing from 13th Nakazato Tarouemon, the member of the Japan Art Academy.
1991   Won the prefectural governor prize at the 14th Fukuoka Prefecture Exhibition.
1993   Recommended to be the member of Fukuoka Prefectural Art Association.
1998   Won Grand prize at the Fukuoka Prefectural Art Association.
Won Minister of Education prize at the 2nd Asian Exhibition of Arts and Crafts
1999   Recommended to be a member of the Nitten.
Held workshop on inlay technique at Hongik Art University (Seoul, Korea).
2001   Conducted an old kiln survey such as wells, Mishima, powder drilling etc. in Korea.
2007   Exhibited at omotesenke Soya Hisada Exhibition(Tokyo, Kyoto).
Refused to become a member of the Nitten and concentrated on making tea pottery.
2010   Received Pottery No. Shiseki from Myouho Takada the Grand Maester and the15th superintendent priest of Daitokuji Temple Reiunsitsu in Murasakino, Kyoto.
Held workshop on tapping technique at Fukuoka Art Museum.
2011   Made split bamboo type multi-chambered climbing kiln.
Personal exhibition Keio, Shinjuku/ Mitsukoshi, Nagoya/ Mitsukoshi, Fukuoka/ Takashimaya, Kyoto/ Tsuruya, Kumamoto/ Hamaya, Nagasaki etc.
Members of the Fukuoka Prefectural Art Association